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Session 1

Advances in magnetic resonance techniques

      • Hyde, James: High frequency structure simulator modeling of aqueous biological samples for EPR
      • Mchaourab, Hassane: Using EPR spectroscopy to uncover principles of alternating access of active transporters
      • Sidabras, Jason: Multifrequency resonator development for studying sample limited metallo-proteins


Session 2:

Imaging biomarkers in living systems

      • Bosnjak, Zeljko: Exosomes as biomarkers in stem cell biology
      • Krishna, Murali Cherukuri: Metabolic MRI with 13C labeled endogenous substrates hyperpolarized with dynamic nuclear polarization: Pre-clinical and clinical applications in cancer imaging
      • Kuppusamy, Periannan: Noninvasive EPR oximetry in human skin using SPOT chip

Session 3:

Biophysical photo-techniques

      • Fruk, Ljiljana: Phototriggered Chemistry for Nanostructuring and Artifiicial Enzyme Design
      • Kusumi, Akihiro: Single-molecule tracking detection of very transient signaling molecular complexes
      • Sarna, Tadeusz: Different mechanisms of photosensitized generation of reactive oxygen species involved in antimicrobial photodynamic therapy
      • Tikhonov, Alexander: EPR applications to study photosynthesis

Session 4:

Redox bioenergetics and metabolism in diseases

      • Benjamin, Ivor: The flipside of oxidative stress: The "Reductive stress" world
      • Kalyanaraman, Balaraman: Targeting OXPHOS, redox and energy metabolism for cancer treatment: Mitochondria-targeted drugs
      • Vasquez Vivar, Jeannette: Metabolic regulation of phagocyte NADPH oxidase activity


Session 5:

Lateral organization and dynamics of biological membranes

      • Feix, Jimmy: Site-directed spin labeling studies of protein-membrane interactions
      • Subczynski, W. Karol: Saturation recovery EPR for exploring structure and dynamics in biological membranes
      • Wisniewska-Becker, Anna: Nanodiscs as a model of biological membranes

Session 6:

Lipid and protein modifications: implications in diseases

      • Davies, Michael: Oxidation of disulfide bonds and its consequences
      • Forman, Henry Jay: HNE signaling, physiological or pathological?
      • Kadiiska, Maria: Lipid and protein modifications as biomarkers of oxidative stress: Implication in diseases

Session 7:

Molecular simulations and mathematical modeling

      • Boraska Perica, Vesna: Genome-wide association analysis approach in identifying loci for complex diseases, an example for Hashimoto's thyroiditis
      • Pasenkiewicz-Gierula, Marta: Stability of a non-lamellar monogalactolipid (MGDG) aggregate: a molecular dynamics study
      • Zagrovic, Bojan: Genetic code as a key for understanding RNA-protein interactions


Session 8:

Free radical detection in vivo and in vitro

      • Hardy, Micael: Design, synthesis and EPR studies of spin traps for superoxide detection
      • Sikora, Adam: Nitroxyl (HNO) - chemistry, biology and detection of the most elusive reactive nitrogen species
      • Zielonka, Jacek: Basic principles and recent advances in probes and assays for cellular oxidants


Closing remarks:

      • Berliner, Lawrence J.
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