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  • All presenting authors are required to register for the symposium.

Preparation of slides:

  • FAQ’s regarding the venue’s A/V capabilities:
Operating system? Windows 10, 64-bit
Microsoft Office version? MS Office 2013
PowerPoint file types supported? .ppt and .pptx
Aspect ratio? 4:3 and 16:9
Flash animation supported? Yes
Limit to presentation file size? No
Can speakers bring their own laptop? Yes
Accommodate Mac laptops? Yes; bring appropriate adaptor to connect to VGA system
For Macintosh users, are PowerPoint.mac or Keynote (.key) presentations supported? PowerPoint
Video file types supported? MP4, MPEG, .wmv, .AVI
Audio file types supported? .wma, mp3, .wav


  • Practice your presentation, ensuring it does not exceed the time allotted for presenting and taking questions from the audience.
  • Your presentation file should be named to indicate the session number, followed by your last name (e.g., 8_Sikora). If you have multi-media audio or video files linked to your presentation, name these to indicate the session number, your last name, and video (e.g., 8_Sikora_video), and save them in the same folder on a USB stick.
  • Do not use any passwords or encryption for your files.
  • Label the USB stick with your last name, using a Sharpie pen, a sticker or tag.


At the symposium:

  • To ensure your talk is accompanied by slides, be sure to submit your presentation on a USB stick to the A/V projectionist the day before your talk is scheduled.
  • Wireless slide advancers and laser pointers will be provided and can be demonstrated to you when reviewing your presentations with the projectionist.
  • Preview your presentation to ensure everything loads correctly, especially if your presentation:
    • contains links to audio or videos
    • is on your personal laptop
    • was created on a Mac
  • All files loaded to the venue’s system will be handled with the strictest confidence. As each session ends, all presentations given in that session will be deleted from the system, and copies will not be made available to anyone.
  • Once you have submitted your talk, please do not ask the A/V projectionist to edit your file.
  • Introduce yourself to the session chair before the start of your session to ensure accurate name pronunciation, etc.
  • The session chair will introduce your presentation, monitor its length, and signal when you have 2 minutes left. In order to stay on schedule, chairs are requested to stop speakers who exceed their presentation slot time limit.
  • An interactive moderated discussion, facilitated by the session chair, will be held at the end of each session.



  • All presenting authors are required to register for the symposium.
  • Posters dimensions must not be larger than 90 cm wide × 110 cm high (35 in wide × 43 in high).
  • Text and graphics should be designed for clear viewing from a distance of 1.5 m (5 ft) and by multiple people at once.
  • Generally, posters will be organized alphabetically by the presenting author’s last name. Your place among the poster display area will be indicated by the number listed on the list posted near the poster exhibit area. Material to affix your poster will be available onsite.
  • Posters will be on display during the entire symposium to provide all registrants an opportunity to view them.
  • A special poster session will be held on Wednesday, September 27 (check scientific program for time and updates). The presenting author must remain next to his/her poster for the duration of the session, to discuss your findings and respond to questions.
  • Posters not removed by their authors by the end of the symposium will be taken down by the organizers, and no responsibility can be taken for their safe return.


If you have questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact: info babs

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